Can you hear the silence?

Try to go to the most remote place. Somewhere where you can no longer hear anything. And – can you hear it? There is always a sound, isn’t it? Aren’t waves perceptible everywhere? From the out- or inside or just as a reflection.

Pristine silence is so precious at these times when everything becomes busy. Quiet times in nature give you peace of mind and gratitude. When we are outside in the green or at less busy hours, we feel more relaxed and experience less distress. If we still feel stressed, it is more in the form of eustress, described as moderate or ‘normal’ psychological stress, leading to a beneficial response.

When asking other human beings what their deepest silence moment in their life is, they often respond with the following moments of:

  • Birth
  • Awe, especially in nature
  • Death

Sometimes it is a quite loud atmosphere around, but room for true silence often comes from looking at the internal state of quiet. Actually, the absence of noice, as silence is often described, sometimes seems to be scary or uncomfortable.

Now it is your turn. Think about silence and let your auditory sense be silently inspired.