What makes you most aLIVE

What are we striving for in life? What do we often or at least sometimes miss? Isn’t it, amongst other important needs and desires, a feeling of aliveness? Aliveness is the state of being alive, defined as vigor and intensity, often also associated with joy, vibrancy, enthusiasm, presence, consciousness, adventure, awareness, expression of a cheerful moment in life, joie de vivre, passion or exultation of spirit.

I was always amazed by the aliveness and positive mood of my father, who spent most of his days outdoors and was practically never sick. Thus I asked myself, in which moments do we feel most alive in the sense of a strong body feeling? I tried to summarize my personal experiences of intense moments:

  • Moving/exercising our body extensively so we feel our breath and heartbeat more intensely.
  • Outside in nature, especially under harsher weather or environmental conditions.
  • When soaked with love.
  • When you feel that the heartbeat relaxes, for example by receiving a good massage or by releasing pressure on a pain point.
  • When we have stark gratitude for something or somebody.
  • When we have the impression that we have given everything it that moment.
  • In general, when we have very strong feelings.

Personally, I feel most alive when I do intense interval workouts, especially running sessions.

What makes you come/feel alive?