Uri & Unterwalden

7.-8.9.2023 – This was another two-day hike, one of the most inspiring ever. I was in a complete dream-like state from the beginning till the end. Such beauty I have seldom so deeply felt. Words cannot adequately convey the depth of emotions I experienced on this hike. I was filled with overwhelming feelings of happiness and gratitude. Every moment seemed to bring a new highlight, making it feel like a two-week vacation rather than just a two-day hike. I feel incredibly blessed to have had this experience. I’m so so blessed! – Thank you!

And this was the treck:

1st day: From Isenthal Post along the Chlital up to Gietisflue and over Rinderstöckli up to Gitschen (~ 2500m asl) – One of my favourite places! Further down to Musenalp, up to Sassigrat, down to Biwaldalp and Bösenboden, then up again to Hinter Alp, via Engelberger Egg and over Rot Grätli to Rugghubel Hut – my sleeping place.

2nd day: From Rugghubel Hut up to Engelberger Rotstock ~2800m asl (cloudy), via Engelberger Lücke further to Wissigstock ~2900m asl, then again to Engelberger Rotstock (sunny), then over Rot Grätli to Bannalp, around Walenstöcke respectively along the Walenpfad to Brunnihütte, and finally down to Engelberg.

Thank you Uri, thank you Obwalden, thank you Nidwalden – it was a heartopening adventure!