The question of success

First and foremost, success is defined by you alone, and everybody has a different view of what constitutes success and what it entails. So we have to define success in our terms.

Then it is a question of how critical success is for us. Do we need success?
I would answer yes to this question. There is a satisfying feeling when success happens. Does not everyone want to have something to tell, something to contribute to others? And what if not a successful (or unsuccessful) story?

So then, can anyone be fulfilled without having success?
This is a more challenging question. If the person has no success according to their definition of success, it is probably harder to live a fulfilled life. The key then is to adapt maybe the success definition, the story in your mind, so that smaller successes are possible and you can live a more satisfactory life.

Often, being grateful for what we have is the key to success. So don’t forget to give thanks for all your blessings.

I’m wondering what your success story is?