Words are just words but yet so POWERful.

In earlier days, I used to laugh about quotes. These days, quotes are everywhere in my life. They are so POWERful when compatible with your lifestyle and stick to your agenda. They chase you, and you love it. A quote can help you more than a lot of other things. Why? Because they are simple to memorize and affect you in a POWERful way –> Affect for effect! The older I get, the more quotes I have and use. If you can say it in simple words, you have understood it.

Single words are at least as POWERful as quotes – Maybe even more. Why? Because it’s simpler. I have many words I love. I really love them. They are so helpful. You can explain things in one word.

“No” words are also words, and they are so so POWERful. The words between the words are magical.

And – words without actions are just lip confessions.

Have a great week with POWERful words!