Northern Kungsleden

What gives you more emotional kick than nature?

This long hiking trail of approximately 440 km gives you goosebumps because it is so diversified. For me, one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe and the world. In August and September 2021, I coupled it with Kebnekaise, with an elevation of 2096m Sweden’s highest mountain, and hiked subsequently the Höga Kusten trail with about 130km on the Eastern shore of Sweden.

The feelings you experience on a long hiking tour are indescribable. Nobody is a better teacher than nature. Here are some emotional feelings which captured me along the way:

  • Several moments of complete oneness with nature. Some might call it flow state.
  • Nature wants to guide you in different forms, like birds showing you the way.
  • Deep satisfaction and gratitude.

For more information regarding the trails, check these sites: