Good sleep brings you the big leap

What is life without a good night’s sleep?

We spend so much time sleeping, more than one-third, more than anything else. To be thankful for a good night is not self-evident and yet so essential, one of the most important activities of all. Therefore, if you try to grow, try to sleep better. This can make a big difference in your life – maybe the most significant!

Here are some tips:

  • Exposure to bright light during the day and dimming of blue light before going to bed;
  • No caffeine in the evening and only a little alcohol consume;
  • Consistency with regard to bedtime and weak-up time;
  • Not too many naps during the day;
  • High quality sleeping environment, including the bed itself;
  • Exercise regularly (including sexual activities) during the day, especially outside in nature.

I wish you quality sleep because nothing is like a good night’s exercise in the form of restful sleep.