About me

Birth Date: 11.11.1982

Nationality: Swiss

Education: M.A. HSG (MBF) and MAS

Profession: Transfer Pricing Leader,  Athlete and Author

Characteristics: Curious learner, open-minded, optimistic, sportmanship, respectful, resilient

Hobbies: Sport (Running, Swimming, XC Skiing, Hiking), Nature, Yoga, Reading, Writing, Music, Dancing

Coach: Several mentors

Published Articles and Book (TP and int. tax related):

The use of the profit split method in highly integrated transactions (IBFD International TP Journal 2018, Vol. 25, No. 4, The Use of the Profit Split Method in Highly Integrated Transactions | IBFD

Erste praktische Erfahrungen zu den länderbezogenen Berichten (Country-by-Country Reports) (IFF 2019/2), Erste praktische Erfahrungen zu den länderbezogenen Berichten – IFF-HSG Institut für Finanzwissenschaft,Finanzrecht und Law and Economics | Universität St. Gallen (unisg.ch)

Does the Transactional Profit Split Method Apply to Centralized Business Models? together with Prof. Dr. Vikram Chand: http://kluwertaxblog.com/2019/07/31/does-the-transactional-profit-split-method-apply-to-centralized-business-models/

Digital Permanent Establishments Grin 11/2019 https://www.grin.com/user/425590