Physical pain sensations

Physical pain, defined as a highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury, often hurts. Sometimes, certain physical pain sensations are alleviated when triggered by pressure and relieved upon release. This can be beneficial for some individuals. If the feeling improves and the pain does not worsen over time, why not consider practices like trigger point therapy? The distinction between what is helpful and what is excessive can be subtle. However, it’s worth trying different options to achieve positive results.

As a former passionate track and field athlete, I often experienced Achilles tendon pain that was somewhat chronic. Along with exercises for the calf and soleus muscles, trigger point therapy proved helpful. It was such a relieving feeling when the pressure was released. Maybe you have other good examples where pain therapy became somewhat exciting, at least directly after the treatment.

If you don’t try, you don’t experience it! Experience keeps you growing!