Norway (27.01. – 20.02.2023)

What is more inspiring than nature? Who is a wiser and nobler teacher than nature itself? Norway for me represents the ‘purity of nature’. Maybe because of some heroic athletes, maybe because of the harsh winters, maybe because of the sheer beauty of the country with all the breathtaking fjords and vast fjells. Here my heart turns upside down, my attention is more in the present moment, I am feeling a little bit more alive.

On the one hand, exercising in front of a magnificent winter backdrop strengthens your muscles, lungs, and cardiovascular system as well as your body balance, and gives all your senses a fresh kick. On the other hand, and here I quote from the official site, it is a way of contemplation and reflection about nature and oneself, a relaxing pleasure for spirit and soul. With this in mind, let’s start the adventure for the next about three weeks.

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