How many senses do we have?

Do we know the answer to this question?

We start with the five commonly known senses:

  • Sight or vision
  • Hearing or audition
  • Smell or olfaction
  • Taste or gustation
  • Touch or tactition

Then there are often the following additional senses mentioned:

  • Thermoception – the sense of heat and/or cold
  • Equilibrioception – the perception of balance
  • Proprioception – the perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body
  • Nociception – the perception of pain

And then there are all the other senses that are less frequently mentioned, like:

  • Sense of electromacnetic fields
  • Sense of time
  • Language and articulation sense
  • Sense of humility, appreciation, and ethics

There is an interesting list of Dr. Michael Cohen, where he differentiates between 53 senses, categorized into four main areas.

Next time you are out and about, concentrate on what you experience, not just the commonly known senses but all the sensations: cold, warm, and balance. Don’t just think of them but apply them actively.