Gantrisch – Soft ground peppered with beautiful peaks

29.10.2023 – Another trail – another highlight between alpine lakes and some of the highest alpine mountains such as Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. In other words, in-between 500m asl and around 4’000m asl. The atmosphere was, as so often, special on the Gantrisch. Autumn showed itself in its full bloom.

The trail started on the Wasserscheidi of the Gantrisch Nature Park and ended after a short detour on the Stockhorn at the middle station Chrindi. Some of the prominent points along the trail were: BürgleGantrisch – Nüeneflue – Homad, and Stockhorn. A distinctive alpine mountain range.

I can only recommend the trail. It is a good trail for half a day – enJOY!