Four springs trail surrounded by the myth & legend of the Gotthard

24-25.9.2023 – Crossing the cantons of Uri, Ticino and Grisons was an awe-inspiring adventure. Nothing compares with this tough and rough environment. So many beautiful pristine Alpine lakes and you feel you standing at the source of something great. The Gotthard Massif is a living source. You are at the source of four rivers: the Rhine, Reuss, Ticino and Rhone. Here history was and is made.

When you cross the canton of Ticino from Uri, you smell the Southern scent. The four cantons fit together like a puzzle. My overwhelming route was:

1st day: Realp – Gatscholalücke/Passo d’Orsirora – Laghi d’Orsirora – Passo del San Gottardo – Lago dell Sella – Giübin Vermigelhütte

2nd day: Vermigelhütte Pass MaighelsPasso BornengoValletta del Mottone – Cappanna Cadlimo CAS – Lago Scuro – Lago di Tom – Lago Ritom – Piora

One of my most beautiful 2-day hikes ever! Thank you Uri, Ticino and Graubünden!