Deep in the canton of Uri

17.9.2023 – URI – Another hike – another adventure – another stunning day. This time between Wassen (who does not know the famous “Chileli of Wassen”?) and Göschenen (the gateway to the Gotthard massif!).

I have chosen the following route:

Wassen – Chli See – Gross SeeLang See – Rohrplatten – Bandlücke Salbiten – Salbithütte SAC – Höhenberg – Salbithütte SAC – Göschenen.

It is a trek that offers a lot: High mountains with glaciers, deep valleys, many Alpine lakes, Swiss mountain huts, rough stones, and the Gotthard myth. I love it so much. Although stony and rough, the view was smooth thanks to the South-side outlook towards Göschenertal and Unteralp.


Uri is wild, Uri is a living dream!