Why am I in tune with and attuned to the word ALIVENESS?

Maybe because I can best describe and express my profound and most vibrant feelings in one word, one life, ALIVE-ness.

What more do we have than the one precious life we live? Did we come from infinity and will continue on into eternity, and between the two, we are alive? Ok, there is the sleep state, when we are in another frequency, kind of an “alerted death state”.

ALIVENESS fills me with positive emotions – vibrancy, energy, joy. It’s a complex feeling that includes both pure joy and a sense of longing.

Simply acknowledging and being thankful for this one life we’ve been given means so much. Just give yourself a smile each morning and/or evening and say “thank you” to live another day. The power to feel alive is always within us, it’s innate.

Words are just words but yet so POWERful.

In earlier days, I used to laugh about quotes. These days, quotes are everywhere in my life. They are so POWERful when compatible with your lifestyle and stick to your agenda. They chase you, and you love it. A quote can help you more than a lot of other things. Why? Because they are simple to memorize and affect you in a POWERful way –> Affect for effect! The older I get, the more quotes I have and use. If you can say it in simple words, you have understood it.

Single words are at least as POWERful as quotes – Maybe even more. Why? Because it’s simpler. I have many words I love. I really love them. They are so helpful. You can explain things in one word.

“No” words are also words, and they are so so POWERful. The words between the words are magical.

And – words without actions are just lip confessions.

Have a great week with POWERful words!

What is the definition of growth? What kind of growth do we want?

Everyone has their idea of growth and an innate drive for growth. What kind of growth can the earth and, thus, all living beings tolerate? Can we return from “unhealthy” growth to healthy (sustainable) growth, and how? It starts with every woman and every man. It is simple but challenging.

Landscapes have something calming about them. Certainly, they change their clothes from time to time. Nevertheless, you can feel their depth and the calming element. They have inhabited the earth much earlier than a human face ever has. The height and depth of the trees, the mystical of the mountains, the vastness of the waters. Everything touches you intensely if you take the time for it. And the more time we spend in nature for the contemplative activity, the quieter it becomes around us and within us. We begin to build an intimate relationship with her. Calm and serenity return even in the wildest of landscapes.

Is home where you think and dream about? Is it where your physical body is? Is it where your ancestors were? Is it where most of your family members live? Is it where your center of life is, as described in many tax laws? Is it at several locations? It’s very individual, isn’t it?

Humans are very good at conceptualizing everything, and it seems to make our lives easier, plannable, to understand it better. At first glance, it looks so; if we ponder deeper, there are more question marks.

Stay curious and follow your intuition, my friend!

What is the activity you can’t almost imagine living without? What are you driven for? What makes you alive? What are you suffering for that makes you feel better?

For me, those four activities are definitely the ones that bring my heartbeat on a complete other level:

  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Swimming

These four passions are priceless. Give it all!

The most beautiful thing about life is that what you intend to do and become will happen sooner or later. Hold on to your dreams. Your strong belief will be fulfilled. Have faith!

When I do sports in nature, I always go without headphones. Why? Because there are too many other exciting sounds to listen to. That’s my philosophy, and I am sticking to it.

Moving our body from point A to point B in a new place is often a fantastic experience, not only as a unique experience, but also from a thinking standpoint. Our thoughts often wander from the future to the present to the past and back. Sometimes, thoughts can take us to a different place than where we are. Isn’t that fascinating?