Benefits of cross-country skiing

What is one of the most effective sports? Effective in terms of benefits for body and mind? I often asked myself this question and I frequently listed Norway’s national sport, cross-country skiing, at the top or close to the top. Why? Here you go:

  • Strengthens your muscles and cardiovascular system, and improves your reaction, coordination, as well as your cold tolerance.
  • Improves your sensomotoric capability, the interaction between stimulus reception (sensory) and stimulus-response in the form of movement (motor). This includes particularly our visual, auditory, vestibular and somatsensory (proprioseptic) system. A good summary of sensomotorics can be found here.
  • Stimulates lots of our senses, while reducing sensory overload.
  • Feeling more present by being completely absorbed in nature.
  • Feeling more alive due to increased heartbeat and breathing.
  • Often a sense of freedom is accompanied by moments of awe.
  • Stimulation of the thought process thanks to inspiring moments (when your body moves, your brain grooves).
  • The stimulating and at the same time relaxing effect after the workout. It gives you a satisfying and pleasant feeling. You feel thankful for what you have done.

This can be enhanced by mixing both cross-country techniques, skating (freestyle) and classic, also known as skiathlon.

If you find more benefits, please text me or send me an email, I’m more than curious. Now go out and let your skis fly over the snow!