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Bodyscan ◎

In today’s fast-paced world with so many distractions, a regular body scan is all the more important. A body scan is about interoception, sensing signals from the body. The more we connect with our physical bodies, the more we feel what is good for us. Everything we suppress will sooner or later show up in […]

Please show me your b⨀dy language

Your energy is not just in your voice but everywhere in your body. So why should you focus your energy on verbal communication alone when you have so much more to offer? Your body has the power to show your energy level in a much more impactful way than words alone. Verbal communication can be […]

Femoroacetabular impingement

Hip impingement, also known as femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), is a condition where there is abnormal contact between the bones of the hip joint. This can cause pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion in the hip. There are two main types of hip impingement: cam impingement, where the head of the femur is not round […]

Simply move your B⨀dy

What happens if I don’t move my body for a day?I feel less alive, unbalanced, stressed and my natural clock gets messed up. When we only use our brain, or overuse our control tower, we feel more burnt out than when we have a good mix of physical and mental exercises. Find time and space […]

Our skin – a masterpiece of the universe

Often underestimated and overlooked, although often seen. Our skin obviously seems to be overlooked! For me, it is one of the most fascinating organs of our bodies – a masterpiece of the universe. It is one of the most important boundaries and thresholds between the inside and outside body, between the individual and society. However, […]

An ode to geographical Switzerland

Switzerland is WONDER-full – where in the world can you find so many wonderful things in such a small space (not so small, if you flatten the relief)? Switzerland is a unique country with many different facets that contribute to its overall charm and character. Where else in the world can you find so much […]

Standing desk – indispensable

There are many things an employer / employee can do to create a more pleasant working environment. A standing desk is one of the best ways to support employee health and wellbeing in the workplace. In my opinion, it is absolutely key for a good work environment, particularly if you work mostly in a sitting […]

Foot awareness 👣 barefoot shoes

I’m a passionate runner and hiker. For me, my feet are sacred. They are an integral part of my body, connecting me to the earth. I had given them special attention since I started running, especially since I began wearing barefoot shoes throughout the day in 2019.Vivo barefoot shoes are my preferred shoes, as they […]

Gantrisch – Soft ground peppered with beautiful peaks

29.10.2023 – Another trail – another highlight between alpine lakes and some of the highest alpine mountains such as Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. In other words, in-between 500m asl and around 4’000m asl. The atmosphere was, as so often, special on the Gantrisch. Autumn showed itself in its full bloom. The trail started on the […]