Amore Ticino & Ticino Hiking – Mamma mia (*^▽^*)

10./11.8.2023 – Ticino is one of many beautiful places in the world. Why? What else is there to add to the Mediterranean climate coupled with alpine mountains (the Alpine ridge), numerous lakes and valleys, delicious dishes, and the typical Ticino scent?

It was a great hiking trail from Brissago at the Lago Maggiore uphill to Gridone and then downhill to Palagnedra in the Centovalli Valley (Cento per cento Centovalli ;-)). Just these words must trigger a joyful emotion. The view from Gridone over the Alps, including the Monte Rosa massif, the Lago Maggiore, and the neighboring Val Grande is breathtaking.

If you have time, take a dip in one of the nearby rivers like Maggia or Melezza, or the Lago Maggiore!

Ticino, ti amo!