I’m a passionate runner and hiker. For me, my feet are sacred. They are an integral part of my body, connecting me to the earth. I had given them special attention since I started running, especially since I began wearing barefoot shoes throughout the day in 2019.Vivo barefoot shoes are my preferred shoes, as they […]

29.10.2023 – Another trail – another highlight between alpine lakes and some of the highest alpine mountains such as Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. In other words, in-between 500m asl and around 4’000m asl. The atmosphere was, as so often, special on the Gantrisch. Autumn showed itself in its full bloom. The trail started on the […]

12/13/14.10.2023 – Three golden days – This golden fall season is just breathtaking. The dance of the trees, of the colours and animals – Wooooaaaah! Some high-lights: Val Trupchun, Val Müschauns, Fuorcla Val Sassa, Val Sassa, Val Cluozza, Zernez

In life, you suffer either way,
so choose the wise path for which you are willing to sacrifice.

Lukas Stähli

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