In today’s fast-paced world with so many distractions, a regular body scan is all the more important. A body scan is about interoception, sensing signals from the body. The more we connect with our physical bodies, the more we feel what is good for us. Everything we suppress will sooner or later show up in […]

This week I decided to start running again after so many setbacks the last couple of years. That means I’m gonna try run faster, longer and better – stay tuned for the second half of 2024!

Your energy is not just in your voice but everywhere in your body. So why should you focus your energy on verbal communication alone when you have so much more to offer? Your body has the power to show your energy level in a much more impactful way than words alone. Verbal communication can be […]

In life, you suffer either way,
so choose the wise path for which you are willing to sacrifice.

Lukas Stähli

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